The Future Of Filmmaking Is Now

MGX Studio is a revolutionary virtual production house based in İstanbul, Turkey. Turkey’s very first virtual production house which aims to combine traditional and innovative cinematography techniques by bridging real world and LED screen.

With high technology equipments and groundbreaking solutions, MGX is proudly offering mind blowing and revolutionary shooting experience for the worldwide movie industry.

What MGX Provides To The Customers?

MGX provides comprehensive and next-gen on stage, live and interactable production to our customers with our next-gen camera tracking solutions, In Camera VFX and much more of virtual pre/post production to the final image at the highest shooting standards and allowing directors and filmmakers to make real-time interactions.

2.6 mm 1500 nit
Pure Black HDR LED

3x Tessera SX40 HDRA 12 bit
250 fps LED processor and
technology partnership

Software and Media Server
Hardware for Virtual Production

Mo-Sys camera tracking

Camera tracking and motion
capture system (12 Primex 41 IR

UDN cooperation for
development and a Professional
crew network for content

Privilege of having early access
and opportunity of R&D by
reaching NVIDIA’s technology
with NVIDIA Developer Program